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Some common questions

Managing your product feed is a quick and automatic way to showcase your products with as many publishers as possible. Secondly, it allows you to set filters and limits which enable you to decide which products you want to advertise with a specific publisher or which products you don’t want to advertise at all. Thirdly, you can add macros, which help you with the publisher analysis in Google Analytics. Finally, you can add 3rd party tracking to your xml feed, which makes it possible for you to see the effectiveness of advertising in your tracking system.

Imported items limit means the maximum number of items from your e-store that can be imported to our system within a specific plan. Feed export limit means the number of feed formats that you can export from our system within a specific plan. For example, when you have 4 exports, you can get 4 feed formats for 4 different publishers. Or, you can get for one publisher 3 feed exports and for Google PLA 1 feed export. The possibilities here are enormous, you can adjust it to your needs.

Product feed management is an ongoing process that requires updating the feed on a daily basis. Plus, whenever any changes are done in your e-store, the feed has to be updated to make sure all your items are advertised. We monitor the feed update process and troubleshoot any errors that could arise.

Freemium plan is dedicated to small e-commerce owners whose product base is limited to maximum 100 items, i.e. products or services. Freemium plan subscribers can get 1 feed export, which is a specific product feed format for Google PLA, a shopping comparison site or any type of publisher who needs a product feed

Check our testimonials

Akos Boruzs,
Avon Hungary
With Feedink’s help our product feeds are always up to date in any 3rd party performance marketing solution according to any specific needs. Their team reacts really fast and deliver the best solution in a timely manner. I can say that Feedink has one
of the best value for money solution in the market.
Anett Kovacsics,
Tchibo Hungary
Being successful in the world of e-commerce is not feasible without having the opportunity to react quickly. Our Feedink feeds are key tools to do so: all our product information can be accessed by a click and all the adjustments the given moment requires
from us are done with a short lead time. We would definitely recommend working with Feedink if the aim is to become a better operator in the digital world or to improve online activity.
Kamil Wiszowaty,
Value Media
Team’s flexibility and product feeds consistent with specifications of any publisher or shopping engine are the reasons why working with feedink.com saved us a lot of time and increased the effectiveness of all xml feed advertising.
Łukasz Chwiszczuk,
K2 Media
After several successful integrations we can certainly recommend working with feedink. They offer quick integration, sticking to deadlines and excellent support. Feed optimization and overall client service is smooth and seamless. Feedink is the system
everyone from e-commerce world should consider working with.