Another installment on product feed plug-ins.

This time we will discuss an open source platform called Magento, which has already established itself in the e-commerce landscape worldwide, and can become one of the three dominant platforms for online sales.

In 2015, the Magento engine was applied in more than 10% of all online stores.

Today it is a highly developed “ecosystem” with millions of users, full functionality, integrity and serviceability. It also has an abundance of practical solutions, including those for supporting product feeds.

The choice fell on the four plugins that make life easier and enhance working not only with the feed but with the entire e-store.


One ought to remember that there are two versions of Magento. Thus each plugin will have its equivalent for one or the other version. Xtento is one of the most popular plug-ins for product feeds in the Magento environment. Xtento specializes in exporting products and categories to product feeds. The plugin is integrated with up to 53 sales channels. It supports any type of products, from the simplest to the most complex ones. It allows to configure flexible filters for each type of export – e.g. “export only the products in category X” or “export products with a price lower than Y”. A great amenity will certainly be the fact that Xtento supports local directories, FTP, FTPS, SFTPv3, HTTP servers, e-mail recipients, Web services/API.

This tool is well-written and its understanding is bound to facilitate many everyday activities related to conducting e-commerce.


Apptrian plugin supports the product feeds designed to create an advertising campaign on Facebook. Apptrian is a full-featured and flexible tool. It allows for easy file optimization for increasing the conversion ratio and monetization of motion obtained on Facebook. The plug in also allows to easily maintain and update the offer. Full automation is implemented via CRON. Hence, the product feed will always send the current levels and prices.


In principle, the plugin has no restrictions when it comes to product feed configuration for individual sales channels. In the version for Magento 2 there are ready templates for Google and Bing. For the other channels one can create a template in-house. For Magento 1 there is an abundance of ready-made templates. With Amasty you can create as many feeds as you need, there is no limit to this. It provides convenient filters, you can specify custom prices and attribute values for each feed. You can configure the time in which your product feed will be generated and sent to the appropriate channel. It also supports Google Analytics with a campaign tracking code. You can mark the destination URL to track movement.


An extremely flexible tool. Product feed can be adapted so as to meet your requirements. You can freely plan the time at which the feed will be generated, as well as the point at which it will be sent to external sales channels. In this way you have full control over the inventory or prices. Megawares plugin also supports advanced dynamic attributes. This allows to change the values on the basis of the place of exposure of the product, time and its features.

There is a lot to choose from. Each sales engine has its own amenities as well as plugins. Some are better at advertising products on Facebook while others cope well in Google. It is necessary to test these tools to be able to determine with a clear conscience that this plugin fully meets your expectations.