Shopify is another comprehensive, extensive and globally recognizable open source platform for online sales.

Although Shopify was founded already in 2004 (and was involved in online sales of snowboard equipment), its new e-commerce nature came to light two years later.

The development of the platform was extremely intense and utterly successful. Today Shopify has over 600,000 active sellers in its ranks and develops unceasingly. Hence, no wonder that the platform is accompanied by an abundance of useful plugins, including those concerning product feeds.

Here are some plugins that are used to manage product feeds:

Facebook Product Feed (by Flexify)

Simply synchronize your store on Shopify with the product catalog on Facebook. It is simple and quick thanks to automatic feed that keeps track of the updates.

Once your store is synchronized with your product catalog on Facebook, you can either promote numerous products or the entire catalog on Facebookand do it on all devices used by your customers.

There are several features that distinguish the plugin. Plugin Facebook Product Feed allows for easy synchronization of both products and catalogs. One data file can fit up to 1,000 products (with all variants). The Premium feature (charged extra) eliminates cropped pictures and automatically changes the size of the image.

Google Shopping, Bing Shopping & Facebook Ads Product Feed

This plugin creates a full fledge data file with products that will be advertised on Google Shopping or any other platforms that require product feeds.

After installing the application you will receive an e-mail (within 15-30 minutes in case of an amount of products lower than 1,000) with the feed’s URL address. The file will be updated on a daily basis.

The plugin’s great advantage is the fact that it has a user-friendly interface. However, if necessary, the support team will find solution to each and any problem. Easy setup allows you to generate a data file that will be fully compatible with Google Shopping as well as Bing Ads, amongst others.

ShoppingFeeder – Advanced Google Shopping Management

Another plugin that will make handling product feeds in Shopify much easier. The plugin has a built-in support for AdWords labels for facilitated targeting of new customers for your online store. Thanks to this plugin, you will easily configure and optimize your campaigns on Google Shopping, Facebook and any other channels.

Use remarketing and once again run your ads to users who were interested in your products but did not proceed to purchase. You also have the possibility to optimize the product feed and expenditures with advanced analysis tools.


The plugin is available free of charge and allows for quick and simple automation and optimization of product feeds for Google Merchant Center. All is conducted in accordance with recommendations and proven Google methods. The plugin allows users to update the Merchant Center attributes both collectively and through individual products before sending them for automatic optimization. Feedo has a simple interface and ensures free support.


These are just a few of the most interesting proposals dedicated to handle product feeds on Shopify. Thus, as in the case of each application, tool or plugin, you should test a specific thing and see if it fits the particular store environment with a specific assortment.