QuarticOn is a marketing tool designed for online stores that offer many products from many different categories. QuarticOn’s technology can help users search through the store’s offers by showing products that may be the most relevant for them. What are the effects? How recommendations are generated for the users? And finally how to integrate an online store with this platform?

Let’s recap, what is QuarticOne

QuarticOn analyses users’ behaviour in real-time and recommends products that they may want to purchase. The recommendation engine is based on artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning. The algorithms work like virtual salesmen that cleverly suggest potentially interesting products to the customer who walks around the shop.

QuarticOn estimates that their technology increases sales by 15%, however there happen even more spectacular results. All depends on the which functionalities are used on the website. Available are:

  • Automated product recommendations – personalized frames which display products that may interest the user.
  • Marketing automation – personalized notifications for newsletter subscribers.
  • AI Smart Search – internal smart engine based on artificial intelligence algorithms. It “understands” user needs and shows correct results, even despite the user’s misspellings.

You can choose one, two, or all these solutions depending on your budget and needs.

How to integrate the website with QuarticOn?

Integration with QuarticOn is very easy and quick. If you are using one of the popular shopping platforms like Shopify you just have to install QuarticOn plugin on your website. You can also try API integration or implement JavaScript code.

You will also need the product feed in Google Merchant standard or Quartic XML format. Product feed URL address must be stored in a proper place on QuarticOn’s panel. The product feed is necessary because QuarticOn tools need access to information about your products. That’s why your product feed should be prepared according to QuarticOn’s guidelines.

Our tool can help you make the perfect product feed adapted to all QuarticOn requirements. The file will be ready in few seconds and all you have to do is make a couple of clicks. In addition, we provide you automatic product feed updates.