Google search engine has a huge e-commerce potential

Every now and then Google offers new advertising possibilities that are supposed to help to increase traffic and turnover in your e-commerce. What did they come up with this time?

Google surprised its users
that Google Shopping (Google PLA) Ads will be also displayed in mobile Google Images results.

What does it imply in fact? Google noticed that users who look for products in Google Images add to their queries questions such as “how much does it cost” or “where can I buy it”. They figured that they should use this potential as soon as possible.

This feature was implemented for mobile devices. How can you benefit from the new feature? Every time users look for something in Google Images, product ads will be the first to appear. This way users will find it easier to find and buy the product they’re looking for. It’s good news especially for those who use mobile phones when doing shopping online. When you look at statistics you will see that almost 30% of online shopping is done through mobile devices. It’s actually a large part of the turnover that e-commerce businesses generate. As the Google Images search engine improves, those numbers may go up significantly. Shopping online will be not only easier but also a lot faster as the user will be within one click to a searched product. Plus, the customer to brand engagement will be higher at the very first contact.

However, there are some drawbacks to a new mobile feature. Companies who generated a lot of organic traffic from Google Images may notice a significant drop in visits from organic search results. Adding product information to images will lower the room for organic results, the number will drop from previous 66% of the screen above the fold to only 25%. Plus, new feature may temporarily lead to innacurate results of pay per click campaigns.

Many advertising experts on American market say that this new feature is a defensive step against Amazon. According to statistics, more and more people start their searches on Amazon instead of Google.

If you’re already advertising your products in Google Shopping, your ads will automatically be considered for appearing in search results for image searches. It’s yet to be established when the new Google feature will be introduced for mobile devices in Europe.