You made it. You online store is finally up and running, and now you’re hoping to make some serious money quickly.

But how should you go about it? While navigating the world of e-commerce follow these few simple, yet important rules that will help you develop your online store.


Partnership is crucial in e-commerce. That’s why it’s a great idea to establish new contacts, as they often turn into a long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation. This will help us not only to increase the range of our services, but also to strengthen our market position by investing in a close relationship with business partners.

Special offers

Special offers are what our customers like best. Depending on what options are available to us, we should consider launching an eye-catching promotional campaign. Among the things that customers find appealing are: free shipping (or a bonus for the first 100 orders), a one-time special offer for a particular product or category of products, or a significant price reduction. Customers are also more likely to buy two products at a lower price per unit than one for standard price. An effective solution is also to mark the product as the last available.

Reviewing products

Customers like to be assured that the purchase they are going to make is the best option possible. That’s why it’s a good idea to add the comment and review option to our e-store. What do we gain this way? Potential customers will have a chance to see if the product they chose is popular and appreciated by others. If this is the case, they will make the purchase more likely.

Express purchase

Many people abandon shopping carts due to a very long purchasing process; it surely happened to you at some point. What can we improve in this area? One way is to add an express purchase feature, where the final price (shipping included) is shown, and to finalize the purchase we just have to pay for the goods and provide the shipping address. All without unnecessary clicking and making additional choices.

Photos are a must

Shopping online means that we buy a product without seeing it closely or touching it. To overcome this inconvenience, you must add the most attractive and, at the same time, the most realistic picture of the product sold. It’s often the photo that prompts the customer to make the final purchase decision.

Afternoon e-mails

Another principle is simple and logical. Send e-mails to customers in the afternoon. This way, when they check the mail after work, our emails will be visible at the very top.

Write a blog

Sounds childish? But it’s not. As it turns out, writing a blog linked with your e-store is a great option through which customers have a chance to learn more about our business while also gaining useful knowledge. What’s more, they will stay on our website for a while longer, which increases the chance that it will be our store that they will remember, and not other, similar stores. How often should we post new articles? The optimal frequency is 2 posts per week, but let’s not forget that it’s all about quality, not quantity.

Make friends with social media

Social media can be a great tool for your e-commerce. More often than not it’s on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ that people learn about our services. Set up a profile on each of the these websites and enjoy even more visits to your e-store. For many customers our fanpage is a quicker source of information about a special offer than the e-mails we send.