It is difficult to find a place for an individual seller within an Internet store. Place for someone who would suggest the perfect product – a product that would meet our expectations.

Regardless of what we are looking for, we would like someone to facilitate our search and indicate several interesting products. As a result, it would be easier for us to select the perfect thing.

Marketing automation will show you the way

Lack of personal contact with e-customers might create specific shopping barriers. It is worth breaking such barriers on each and every point of contact between the customer and the e-store. Eliminating those barriers leads to increase of sales, conversion rate, ROI etc. Marketing automation is one of the tools that contribute to more effective monetization of movement on the online store.

Marketing automation is an advanced technology that uses the trails left by users during their “travels” on the Internet. Intelligent algorithms swiftly use cookies in order to adjust products offered by the store. The so-called “widgets”, which were implemented into the store’s code, are naturally located on the main page and products’ sites. Hence, they show products that are “carefully selected especially for you”. Therefore, a user who “rummages” through the virtual shelves may come into conclusion that the store’s offer is tailored especially for him. This builds trust and increases the chances to finalize the order process.

Build a trustworthy image and leave positive emotions

Thanks to its operations, marketing automation covers a much larger area. Besides displaying “widgets” with products adjusted to the user’s profile, MA also allows to send carefully fine-tuned and personalized e-mail messages. No e-mail will be alike the other. Despite the fact that their creation is based on a fixed template, it is still coherent with the image of the Internet store. The key difference is the fact that e-mails are sent in accordance with specific time intervals and present products that were viewed by the user. Usually, a freshly obtained lead – in the form of an e-mail address left at the store – receives a welcoming message at first. After some fixed time, it receives an e-mail with a special offer of viewed products and an unobtrusive reminder from the store in case there was no response to the two previous messages.

It is worth to test mailing configuration along with its frequency. It allows to optimally use the tool, build proper relations and stay in customers’ consciousness for a long time.

Save time and increase sales

Marketing automation is not only an excellent tool to personalize the marketing message but also a great way to save time spent on arranging each promotional campaign. You only need to configure scenario and project from MA. Afterwards, e-mails will be sent automatically and in compliance with the time interval you indicated, for example after the customer abandons the shopping cart or when the customer did not visit the store during the last 30 days. Mail personalization increases CTR while the marketing’s effectiveness continues to grow.

The strength of MA

Algorithms used in MA make it a powerful tool that is able to learn users’ behavior. Algorithms use logic. Thus, this results in decreased number of rejections, increased engagement among e-customers and, as a consequence, increase in e-store’s profits.