One of the biggest challenges is to find

a way to reach potential customers with the right message. In this time and age, when we can promote our business in numerous online channels, it’s possible to appeal to the right target group with sniper-like precision. One of these channels, and at the same time one equipped with the best tools enabling the use of information about its users for business purposes, is the absolute leader of all social media – Facebook.

Ideal customer profile

Facebook users are most inclined to share information about who they are, what they are interested in, where they work, what music they listen to or what they like to cook. They make this data known through likes, shares, and comments. What you must do is describe in detail the ideal recipient of your ads. Determine whether it’s a young person, a student from a big city, a professional working on a particular level in a company’s hierarchy, or someone who appreciates the comfort of home cooking. Of course, what’s of interest to you depends on your product or brand. If you make an effort to answer these questions, you can reach the right groups, and display ads in places that will ensure the best conversion rates.

Exclude unwanted user characteristics

Excluding unwanted characteristics can be very effective when you’re trying to achieve a high conversion rate running ads on Facebook. To this end, you can use all the possibilities offered by the ads manager on FB (excluding certain age, sex, education, interests, behavior, marital status or position).
Let’s assume that your target group consists of people working in the IT industry. The product that you are offering is a technologically advanced equipment designed for companies. The purchase decision is made by the executives – that’s why you should exclude people who aren’t decision-makers. Of course there is a possibility that they could pass the information about your product to the powers that be, but the chances for that are rather slim. The goal of this exclusion is to narrow down the target group so as to have your ads displayed in the most effective way (and use your budget rationally, too). Maximizing the reach of your ads to people who are interested in the offered product or brand benefits both from the exclusion of unwanted traits and inclusion of those sought for. Only then can you achieve the best results.

Create the so-called buyer persona

We can determine our target audience in a precise way thanks to creating the so-called buyer persona. Who is this mysterious persona? It’s a made up person whose goal is to present the widest range possible of the characteristics of our target group representative. It is thanks to an optimal model of the persona that we can specify the needs and expectations of the ideal customer. Depending on how precisely we determine the traits of the persona, we’ll be able to get our customer to engage more and develop their identification with our brand or product. Renowned American economist Philip Kotler said, “The most important thing is to forecast where customers are moving, and be in front of them.” This is exactly why we create the buyer persona. Once we develop it, we can attain great results by delivering an appropriate message to the places where our e-consumers can be found.

Find a suitable place for your ad

It is difficult to determine in advance which of the Facebook places designated for advertising will get us the best results. This leads to a simple conclusion – we should carry out our analysis on the fly to be able to redirect budget to the most efficient space. FB ads can be displayed in four places. These differ depending on whether they appear on desktop computers or mobile devices. On computer screens the ads appear in News Feed as a sponsored post, positioned between regular posts, and in the sidebar on the right. On mobile devices ads appear in News Feed too, but also in applications that are part of Facebook’s Audience Network. Remember to create a separate group for each type of advertising. If we choose the option to show the advertisement in different places, there might be a situation where one of the ads will be unreadable. Not only will it be ineffective, but also bad for our image. Bottom line is, an ad that looks good in the sidebar will look bad as a sponsored post .

Like any advertising campaign conducted on the Internet, the one we run on Facebook requires constant optimization. You should choose the appropriate graphics, make an engaging video, present valuable content, analyze conversion and adjust the individual parameters of the campaign. Facebook gives enormous opportunities when it comes to defining our target audience. If we make an effort to create the ideal buyer persona, we will reach the people who show the greatest purchasing potential.