Although TV advertising has been known for decades,

the moment videos appeared online was a complete game-changer. The amazing possibilities the Internet offers mean that the videos we see online have almost nothing in common with traditional TV advertising. Video marketing as a thought-out concept uses multi-channel operations which are all based on the idea of communicating with customers through videos posted online. Today the role of video marketing in building a company’s strategy is often of key importance when we put effort into creating our business, image or sales.

Video ads go online = our message reaches the right audience

Every company’s goal is to reach as many members of the right audience as possible. The gist of our message is based on what we want to achieve with our video. You may want to drum up interest in your brand, encourage people to sign up for your newsletter, increase your sales, get more followers for your Facebook page or gather e-mail addresses for your database. Online marketing strategies that use modern tools reach the right audiences, but what’s more, if the message is right, they prompt the visitors to engage in various ways. In a way, they “recruit” unaware users as brand ambassadors, who keep sending out the message and leave their comments, thus contributing to the creation of an active community around the brand.

Always’s #LikeAGirl campaign is an excellent example of a video that is subtle in form yet conveys a powerful message that subverts stereotypes. In a thought-provoking manner, it shows adult women as the ones who move in a silly way when asked to run “like a woman”. At the same time, little girls “run” with full dedication, their minds free of acquired clichés and stereotypes. Always doesn’t show its product in the ad, yet appears as a brand that cares about empowering women. The message reached more than 60 million users, establishing the image of the company as one that is interested in the problems women face today.

A very important matter you should take into account if you’re still not convinced that a video campaign is a must is the fact that operations performed online are scalable, fully measurable and allow precise analysis. In simple terms, this means that each of the campaigns you run provides precise data that will help you optimize them to achieve greater benefits and higher conversion rates in the future.

Video as a foundation for building a business

An online video can be one of the many elements which – if combined – contribute to the success of your company. A strategy based on video marketing may as well be the main foundation of your business operation. Videos online can be particularly valuable for coaching businesses, which, outside of regular services, can provide online courses and sell them efficiently. All kinds of trainings, webinars, and videoblogs are hugely popular these days. Moreover, knowledge spread via the Internet reaches a wide audience. From the business perspective, video-based online operations make sense. If you refuse to incorporate them into your strategy, your business may lose touch with the market and fall behind the competition.

Video-based advertising strategy and building your online image through video

Video marketing is on the rise, becoming a major element of many advertising strategies. If properly executed, and containing a message that will reach your target group, it can be an effective tool of modern marketing. Besides the obvious benefits, i.e. selling webinars and courses, there is also the other side of the coin. Video marketing enables spreading knowledge for free. Many business owners can’t imagine giving stuff away free of charge. However, today it is a form on which many companies base their operation. Knowledge treated as an added value becomes a key factor in business decisions. For example, if a company sells washing machines, it can launch a series of tutorial videos, showing how to replace a door seal, ensure fresh smell, or clean up the detergent drawer. An interactive agency whose aim is to support online sales can also be established as an expert through video channels, discussing specific matters related to SEO, content marketing or social media. It thus becomes more credible and is seen as a solid source of knowledge. This kind of business dualism is beneficial, both to the company and its potential customers.

Users are eager to share this kind of tips. By sharing such a video on their wall/account, they inform others that we somehow helped them, and that apart from selling things we also want the consumer to receive helpful knowledge. This entails a great advantage, and binds the user with our brand on an emotional level.

What are the benefits of implementing video marketing?

The benefits of a well-conducted video campaign vary depending on the purpose we’ve set for ourselves. If we want to build the image of an expert and to this end release a series of webinars that will be promoted on YouTube and other social media, they will spread the word about our brand and result in the much desired leads. Product videos, on the other hand, provide great support for direct online sales. Showing in detail how a coffee machine works in a short tutorial video may remove any barriers preventing the customer from making the purchase. Posting a short video about how to prepare sushi on a product page may also improve the efficiency of our sales.


Video marketing is both the form and the content. We must find that sweet spot that allows us to maintain a balance between both elements. Form and content must be prepared so as to appeal to a given target group. What’s more, we must make sure that our message is authentic. The role of videos in our company’s marketing strategy is an extremely important and effective tool influencing our image and translating into profit. Video marketing is not a “whim” of marketers, nor is it a hot trend or temporary fascination with a new and fashionable form of promotion. Marketing strategies in a number of businesses should begin with the creation and distribution of videos online.